The simply superb LG 3D Cinema TV!

Passing the tenth standard with flying colours has really proved to be the best thing in my life! This is because my dad had promised to buy me whatever I desire. As I love watching TV, I asked few of my close pals regarding the best in market right now. They all told me in unison that they feel the new LG 3D Cinema TV simply awesome and I should only buy that. I was a bit astounded to know that it has so many attractive features. I did not believe it and wanted to check it myself. So I took my dad to the nearest mall and ended up buying it.


The new LG 3D Cinema TV has many amazing features. One of the features is the FPR technology. FPR ( Film Patterned Retarder) is a thin film at the top of the panel which helps separating images for both the eyes. The images are then combined to churn out a beautiful 3D picture in full HD 1080p. FPR is truly a revolutionary technology!


One feature that mesmerised my dad were the flicker-free glasses that came along. He was thrilled to know that the glasses are extremely light in weight and are easy to replace. The glasses are without batteries so there are no hassles of charging. Plus he was happy to know that the glasses are very affordable and he planned to buy many of them.


The LG 3D Cinema TV comes with high brightness, colour and contrast motion. It also has a ‘viewing from any angle’ feature. My dad knows that I am restless and cannot sit in one place while watching TV. Once he knew about this feature he was pretty sure he was buying this! I finally got my gift for doing well in my exams. So when are you gifting somebody this bundle of joy? 

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LG gets a smile on everyone’s face with its new technology!

LG has managed to surprise me once again with the new 3D Cinema TV. When I walked into the mall the other day to check it out I was completely mesmerised by all the features that this TV offers.


The biggest achievement is the Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) technology which is an LCD technology. It is film applied at the top of the panel that can separate images for the right and the left eye. These images are then combined to give out an amazing 3D picture in full HD 1080p. FPR technology is truImagely revolutionary!


Also one more cool part is the flicker-free glasses that come along with this LG 3D Cinema TV. These flicker-free glasses are so light in weight that one will feel that he is merely wearing his spectacles or glares. One thing to note is that LG is the first company to get a flicker-free certification. The glasses are easy to replace and you can buy as many as you want because they are pretty affordable.


LG offers top-notch 2D and 3D quality and has high preferred brightness, colour and contrast and motion. For people who wear corrective lenses they can enjoy the 3D experience with comfort and ease too because LG gives Clip On cinema glasses. You will not need to wear an additional pair of glasses if you wear these ones. After knowing about these features, I was so enchanted that I ended up buying it. And since I have bought it everyone at my house cannot stop smiling. It was definitely worth my money. So when are you making your family happy by buying this bundle of joy?

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LG redefining the 3D experience

3D Movies has always amazed me. Right from my childhood to the present times, no matter which 3D movie was up in theatres, I definitely marked my presence. I rightly remember watching Chota Chetan, India’s first ever 3D movie with paper glasses on.


Times have changed and so has the 3D technology. It is not unusual to find every other movie released today with its 3D version as well for the 3D addicted movie bluffs. So, I thought why not just bring in a 3D Cinema TV at home, instead of watching it in theatres every time a new movie gets released. After a lot of research, I finally settled for LG 3D cinema TV, and I am no way regretting my decision. Truly a visual treat, LG TV’s are a revolution for the way we watch 3D cinemas.


A friend of mine too bought in a 3D TV of Panasonic and invited our gang of friends for a football game. But, it was a sad experience as narrow viewing angle spoiled the fun. This time around it was my turn to invite them over and trust me LG’s wide viewing angle is no match for others (my friends too swear by the same).


The flicker free technology in LG’s 3D TV makes watching 3D cinema a fun thing, unlike for others where flicker is major turn off. The battery operated 3D glasses with its weight made it a tough one to put on for a long time, but with LG’s battery free glasses, this is no more an issue.  


There is no doubt that LG has turned out to be my first choice for 3D TV and I am a big LG fan now. So, when are you joining the club?

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Going gaga over the new LG 3D Cinema TV!

Being a person who does not like spending a bomb on a TV, I was hesitant to check out the new LG 3D Cinema TV. My friend kept on rattling about its unique features and persuaded me to grab a quick look at a nearby mall. When he knew that I would still not go on my own and see, he came along. When we went to the mall I was sure that I will not buy it, pick up some random things and return home. But Alas! My views changed and how! The new LG 3D Cinema TV is fabulous as it offers many interesting features all wrapped in one.


LG 3D Cinema TV has a Full 1080p in both 2D and 3D. It also has high brightness, contrast, colour and motion rendering to specific needs of consumers. The engaging part is the flicker-free glasses which are very light in weight. The best part is that they do not have batteries and hence need no charging. They are easily replacable and affordable too!


I was little worried about the part where I needed to put on 3D glasses, as I wear corrective lenses. But the salesman cleared my doubt by giving me LG’ Clip On Cinema 3D glasses which can be worn even after I wear lenses. I saw it for myself and enjoyed the 3D picture without feeling the need to wear an another pair. 



Also, the new LG 3D Cinema TV comes with a Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) which is an LCD panel technology. It is actually a film that is applied, to the top of the LCD panel for separating all the images for the left eye and the right eye. Images are send to the correct eye through flicker-free polarized glasses. The separate images are then combined to churn out a 3D image in Full HD 1080p.  In the end I summed up to the conclusion that this 3D TV is worth every penny, thanked my friend for helping me choose the best and booked my own  LG 3D TV. I have finally got my LG 3D Cinema TV! When are you?

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LG does it again: This time 3D style!

When my friend first messaged me on Whatsapp saying she that the new LG 3D Cinema TV is awesome, I just replied saying ‘Good for you!’. Well this sarcastic reply enraged  her and she was all the more determined to change my perception and to garner my interest. So she called the other day to have a look and decide for myself. I had a lot of questions in mind and a lot of misconceptions! Yes, misconceptions because I was completely taken aback by what I saw and my views changed drastically.


First of all, LG scored brownie points when I saw its excellent 3D depth and crisp picture quality. Also they have a Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) which is an LCD panel technology. This pattern has separate images for the left eye and the right eye. The separate images then combine to give a 3D image in Full HD 1080p. One biggest thing that enthralled me was the cool flicker-free glasses! They were so light in weight that I thought for a split second that I was wearing my shades. The best part was my friend told me that these glasses are easy to replace and are pretty affordable.


Being a restless person that last thing I was worried about was whether I would be able to get the complete 3D experience or not. But that doubt also got solved when I could get the best and complete picture viewing it from all angles. I thanked my friend a lot who introduced me to this new LG 3D Cinema TV and I left home assuring her, that I would buy this bundle of surprises. I am definitely buying this and I recommend others to join this gang. So go ahead and enjoy this 3D experience!

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Outstanding 3D technology

I had only heard of 3D Technology TVs, but I thought I would actually try one out.

I happened to be at a mall recently where there was a demonstration being held about the latest TV with the 3D technology.


What I loved about the TV the most is the fact that the 3D glasses were absolutely comfortable. Whenever I have visited the Cinemas for a 3D, I have had to wear  either glasses that keep flickering or the traditional glasses with one eye red and the other green/blue. The flickering ones give you a great picture experience, they tend to strain the eyes when I take them off. Another disadvantage is that they are awfully heavy. It needs constant adjustment as they keep falling off the face.

But this new technology glasses are neither heavy nor do they flicker. In fact, half-way through the demonstration, I almost forgot that I was wearing them. Moreover, I had no trouble when I took off the glasses too. Yet, I had an experience which was better than watching a 3D movie in the cinema hall.


Another great thing about this TV that I noticed was that the picture was not dark as it usually is in 3D movies. They were actually bright and the only difference between this TV and the normal 2D TVs was the extra dimension. I had the comfort of watching TV as normally as can be and yet, everything was jumping right out of the screen.


A great piece of innovation!

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A perfect blend of 3D TV with gaming

Wow! This is all I can say after the gaming experience I had with LG 3D Cinema TV. Not that I am a gaming freak or something, yet I was bowled over by the amazing gaming experience from the Kinect X-box 360 combined with the superb image quality of LG 3D Cinema TV.

The amazing crystal clear resolution of the LG 3D Cinema TV made me sit up and notice. The battery-free 3D glasses were the most prominent feature of the set. It truly changed my perception towards the 3D glasses.


A blend of LG Cinema smart TV with the 3D world is the ideal platform for the gaming freaks. LG Cinema 3D TV backed with FPR technology, the latest in the technology world comprises the best features of the 3D TV science. The image on tube is absolutely clear and lively from all angles, thus broadening the scope of wide viewing angle. 


Not only gaming but also film viewing in this television was a whole new experience for me. Its flicker free technology offers best viewing experience and one can enjoy watching cricket match, films or gaming with friends and family. Conventional 3D TVs produce different frames for both the eyes, which leads to headache and eye strain, but this was not the case with this TV. I could enjoy watching for a long time without stressing myself. Thanks to the new innovation of LG!

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Planning to buy a 3D TV? Here is what you need to look for

After you have made your decision of buying a 3D TV, there are a few important things you need to consider. It will greatly help you in buying the right television set to enhance your viewing experience. Most 3D TVs available out there, feature Active Shutter Display 3D technology. After you have selected a TV set, you need to choose between LCD or plasma technology.


TV Size –

If you are looking for small sized 3D TV, opting for LCD would be a good option. On the other hand, it will be wise to select plasma technology for larger sized TVs. Before buying a large sized TV, ensure that you consider the viewing distance and the size of your room. As plasma TVs have better refresh rates, they have greater ability of displaying 1080p 3D content.

Budget –

Your budget is another important factor to consider when buying a 3D TV. The screen size is a crucial driving factor of the cost of television set. As the screen size increases, the cost of television set also increases. So, if you are on a limited budget, you may have to compromise on the screen size to make the 3D TV fit into your budget.


Screen resolution and features –

To get the best of 3D viewing experience, screen resolution is an important factor to consider. Most 3D TVs come in 1080p and 720p resolutions. Getting a 3D TV with maximum resolution will greatly help to minimize the pixilation. For optimum viewing experience on 42 inch TV, viewing distance should be 2.3 times for 720p and 1.56 times for 1080p.
The refresh rate and picture quality, Wi-Fi connectivity, number of HDMI connectors, USB ports, contrast ratio, brightness, etc. are some features you need to look for in a 3D TV. Color ratio and black levels are also other important things to look for in a 3D TV.


3D Cinema LG TV is one of the best options available out there. The wide angle viewing feature allows you to get the best of viewing experience. The FPR or Film Patterned Retarder  technology offer flicker-free picture. Also the IPS or In-Plane Switching technology eliminates disturbances and distortion. Unlike other 3D TV manufacturers, LG is the only company that offers 4 battery free 3D glasses along with Cinema 3D TV. All these factors, make LG Cinema 3D TV the best option to go for.

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3D technology gets redefined with each passing day

3D technology is one of the fastest growing market today. From movies, sports broadcasts to entertainment channels, the word ‘3D’ is everywhere. With top TV manufacturers agreeing to offer cross overs from 3D glass companies, the presence of ugly looking glasses would be a thing of the past. Mainly intended for cinema use, these 3D glasses work well with passive 3D TV’s as well.

Active shutter 3D, the latest

This technology takes watching 3D experience to an altogether different level. Perfectly timed shutters inserted into the glasses makes every moment of watching 3D content worthwhile. The  viewing experience is similar to watching a game or an event in person.

With eyes wide open, judging depth is not much of a problem. We can estimate the proximity or distance of an object with ease with just a single look at it. This however does not work while watching 2D TV. The shutter technology is made to overcome such hurdles.

Advantages of LG Cinema 3D TV

With traditional 3D technology, one is forced to look through the polarized lenses to combine separate images into one. Headaches and eye fatigue are common because at times the right eye sees what the left should and vice-versa.

Active shutter 3D glasses consists of two separate LCD lenses which open and close at a rate of more than 60/seconds to allow passing of light. Perfect timing ensures that eyes deal with corresponding images.

The best of the 2D TV’s support this active 3D technology. It is a feature similar to a switch turned  on and off at will.

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Forget LCD, 3d is the new sensation!

The success that the world of television has achieved is absolutely phenomenal. This success is rightfully justified. Why wouldn’t it be? The advent from black and white all the way to LCD Liquid Crystal Display and LED Light Emission Diode televisions definitely speaks for itself. 

Keeping the demand for a large screen size television in mind, LG has come up with an amazing alternative, LG Cinema 3D TV. The need for a larger screen size here is quite cleverly satisfied by this great invention.


Home entertainment has never been so sophisticated. Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) is a feature that has raised television viewing to a whole new level. FPR provides a flicker free picture that is essential for a 3D TV. Many people suffer from nausea caused by the use of heavy 3D glasses and also brightness issues. FPR quickens the left and right eye image succession so that both the eyes can simultaneously view each image thus providing a dazzling television viewing experience. (IPS) In Plane Switching panel attached to the screen avoids distortion  and any disturbances that can interrupt in your TV viewing experience.

The 3D glasses are very heavy and cause an immense strain on the eyes due to their battery being recharged continuously. Another added feature of LG Cinema 3D TV is that they come equipped with four FPR 3D glasses that are light in weight and are battery free. This helps you save that extra cash that would be spent on extra glasses. The brightness and contrast ratio that is now available in the LG 3D Cinema TVs are absolutely brilliant.

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